Page 114 of Blyssful Lies (The Blyss Trilogy 2)

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“What a wonderful, heartfelt speech, Travis. I’m impressed. I never thought you to be the romantic type,” the deep timbre of a man’s voice states in an eerily ominous tone, and it’s a voice I don’t recognize. This man definitely didn’t barge in on us to borrow a neighborly cup of sugar.

Travis’ nostrils flair and I watch as the muscles in his jaw tense up while his hands squeeze the life out of my wrists. The surprise visit, and Travis’ reaction has my heart beating wildly in my chest as I hold stock still in growing fear. Judging by the look on Travis’ face, he wasn’t expecting this visitor. He is never caught off-guard, and the mere fact he is has me really freaking out. Since the intruder has taken us by surprise, what will happen if Travis can’t get the upper hand? Is this one of the bad guys he’s been talking about?

Searching for any type of guidance of what to do, my eyes stay locked on Travis’. He narrows his as if he’s trying to have a silent conversation with me. My forehead crinkles as I try desperately to read his mind. He imperceptibly nods at me, noticing I’m on the verge of freaking out. My muscles tightly coil as I hold my breath, but he keeps flicking his eyes to my right hand, which holds the gun hidden beneath the set of pillows. I swallow hard as I look to him, with fear and worry evident in my eyes. I’m not sure I have it in me to do this. To kill someone…it’s so final.

I hear the safety clicking off of a gun behind Travis and my gut clenches; fear grips me by the throat, wanting to pull me under. I know that sound, I’ve practiced taking off the safety of Travis’ gun more times than I care to count; it has been drilled into me. Travis compresses my wrists a few times as if he’s talking in Morse code. I know now is not the time to turn into a coward, or all of my training would’ve been for nothing. I can see now why Travis was so diligent in indoctrinating me with self-defense skills, because he knew the seriousness of the impending dangers.

Anger bubbles from within like a pot of boiling water, and I’m at a roiling boil. I’ve been apprehended so many times, and I’ll be damned if I get captured again and placed into the wrong hands. With Travis, at least he’s a known entity, and if the way he’s been treating me wasn’t an act, I’ll take his kind of capturing any day over the other.

“Two for the price of one; Yes, Nick will be pleased to hear this,” the infiltrator says with a contemptuous tone. The man wreaks of pure evil, and it’s then I realize he’s not only come here for me, but for the both of us, and Travis’ life is on the line here too.

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