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She shrugs. “I know.”

I point at her. “So you are going to put that on my thigh?”

She looks at me like it’s no big deal. “Yeah, I mean, I know I’m no professional, but I swear it will help. I’ll have you know I followed a physical therapist for a week to learn a little something.”

When I still don’t answer her, she starts to back away. “I mean, you probably have a real physical therapist... I didn’t even think. It’s probably wise to wait for someone that actually knows what they’re doing.”

I reach out and grab on to her arm before she gets too far away. “It’s not that. I mean, I do have a physical therapist that comes out to the ranch. She’s coming tomorrow. But I’m hesitant...”

I let my answer drown out. How do I even say this to her without looking like an ass?

She tries to pull away. “It’s okay. Really. You don’t have to explain. I’ll just go put this up.”

I let her go but only so she can walk away if she really wants to after I tell her what I’m about to say. “Stop, Hailey. Look, this is a little embarrassing. But if you put your hands on me, I’ll have a different problem.”

It takes her a minute to get my drift, but when she does, her face turns different shades of red. I wince, hating that I’ve embarrassed her. “Sorry.”

She takes a step toward me. “So, uh, you’re saying that you don’t mind if put this on you, but you’re... uh... you know...”

I laugh. “I’m attracted to you. I thought it was obvious yesterday, but if you put your hands on me, there won’t be any hiding it.”

She takes another step toward me and pulls her shoulders back. “Will you let me do it?”

My mouth falls open, and I slam it shut. Damn, my cock is already lengthening in my underwear. “I’m not joking, Hailey. I want you.”

She swallows. Hard. Her eyes never leave mine. “It’s okay... I want you too.”

I grip the sheets on the bed, my knuckles turning white.

She leans toward me. “Look, let me put this ointment on your thigh and massage the muscles a little. I’ll stop when you tell me to.”

Fuck, I’ll never want her to stop. She hasn’t even started yet, and I’m hoping for it to last forever. When I don’t answer her, she asks again. “Please let me do this for you. I hate you’re hurting because of me.”

I shake my head. “It’s not your fault.”

She puts her hand on my chest. “Please, I just want to make you feel better.”

But I still hold back. “It’s not pretty. My brothers haven’t even seen what a mess my leg is.”

She searches my face. “You can trust me, Griffin.”

I don’t know if this is a test or what, but I know I can’t tell her no. “Okay.”

She sets the bowl and towel on the nightstand and reaches for the edge of the cover. Her eyes go to mine. “You have anything on under here?”

My throat is thick. “Just my underwear.”

She nods and pulls the cover back. She keeps busy getting the ointment on her hands and rubbing them together, warming it up.

She doesn’t ask where. The ugly, puckered skin tells her exactly where I’m hurting. She’s frowning at the marred skin of my leg. She is about to touch me, but before she does, she looks at me again. “Tell me if I hurt you.”

I suck in a breath. “You won’t hurt me.”

As soon as she touches me, my cock jerks. I should be embarrassed, but I’m not. I ignore the hardening of my manhood and watch as her flawless hands work the muscles of my leg. She starts soft and then gradually pushes harder. I have a hard-on at this point. There’s no hiding it, but I do try and cover it with the blanket. I definitely don’t want to repay her by embarrassing her to death.

I groan at the sheer ecstasy she’s giving me. She stops, and I look at her. “Don’t stop. Damn, that feels good.”

She looks at the way the blanket twitches under my hard expanding cock. “Yeah, I can tell.”

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