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I look at her sheepishly. “I’m sorry.”

She shakes her head and continues working my muscles. “Don’t be.”

She works my muscles for awhile, and I know I have precum dripping down my shaft, but I don’t care. Her touch is everything. When she’s done, she reaches for the towel and starts to wipe the ointment from her hands. I feel almost drugged looking at her. “You’re good.”

She smiles. “I hope it helps.”

I’m not the only one that is flustered. If the way her eyes are wide and her nostrils flared is any indication, she enjoyed it too. She’s about to get up, and more than anything, I want her to stay. “Stay with me.”

She looks at the blanket covering my lap, and I know I’m blowing it. “Not for that... I mean, of course I want that, but I mean, stay here. I’ll get cleaned up, and you can grab your notebook. We can go over some questions you have.”

She scrunches her nose up at me. “Shouldn’t you be resting?”

“I will be resting. But it will be so much better with you here.”

She finally agrees, and as soon as she disappears with the promise she’ll be back in fifteen minutes, I climb out of bed to clean myself up. I test my leg, and amazingly, it feels good. Better than it has in a long time. I take a quick, cold shower and get dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. I no sooner walk into the bedroom than she’s knocking on my door.

Instead of calling come in, I walk over and pull it open. She seems surprised to see me standing, and I point at my thigh. “I’m almost good as new. You can do that anytime.”

Her eyes brighten. “Good, I’m glad.”

I open the door wider, and she walks in. There’s a chair in the corner, but I don’t want her far from me. “Are you okay with the bed? I promise to be on my best behavior.”

She laughs and smacks me on the chest like I just told a funny joke. But I wasn’t kidding. It’s going to take everything in me to keep my hands to myself, but I’ll do it if I just get her next to me.

She crawls into the bed and throws her bag down in front of her. She pulls out her notebook and pen while I sit down next to her. I reach for the paper on the nightstand and start reading her list. There’s a lot on it that I can just tell her about. We talk about ranch life and what we do in the different seasons. We talk about bulls and mating. Paulina brings up sandwiches and doesn’t seem surprised to see Hailey in the bed with me. We talk for hours, and eventually, she’s in my arms tucked against my side.

We both are drifting in and out of sleep, wanting to talk, but tiredness takes over. I fall asleep to the feel of her against me, and I’m out like a light, dreaming of the future.

Chapter 12


I wake up to a warmth surrounding me. I press myself into the heat of it and wiggle back and forth until I hear a moan right at my ear, and I freeze.

I don’t dare move or even take a breath.

The only thing I feel is the hard prod of something against my ass and the feel of Griffin’s fingers stroking the bare skin of my stomach where my shirt has ridden up. “Hey,” he mutters before putting his lips at my neck.

I tilt my head to give him better access and push my hips back. His hand at my waist squeezes me, and I turn my head to look at him. His hair is ruffled, and he looks sleepy. I roll around to face him. “This is definitely a good way to wake up.”

He puts his forehead against mine. “You’re driving me crazy, Hailey.” He trails his hand down my back to my butt and squeezes me there while rotating his hips and pushing his hard cock against me.

I rub my hand along the stubble of his jaw. “I could probably help you with that.”

He smiles. “You already helped my leg; I think it’s your turn. What can I do to help you?”

“Uhhh...” I start.

He kisses my lips and pulls back. “Come on, don’t be shy. Tell me, are you aching somewhere?”

I don’t even try to keep the smile off my face. “Yeah, actually, since I met this grumpy cowboy the other day, I’ve had this ache that won’t seem to go away.”

His breathing picks up. “Where? Where’s your ache?”

I grab his hand at my waist and trail it down the inside of my thigh. I don’t stop until I have his hand at the juncture of my thighs. “Right here.”

He touches me, and even through the shorts I’m wearing, the feeling is intense. “Yes,” I moan.

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