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“Oh no you don’t,” Trevor’s voice vibrates through me as he grips my shoulders gently and spins me back around. “It’s normal to be nervous, means you’re doing the right thing.”

“It does?” I ask, my voice cracking from how dry my mouth is.

Patting my hand, he brings it into the crook of his arm, stepping forward when the march sounds.

It’s now or never.

We walk, slowly, taking my time just in case I fall over this ridiculously big dress.

I don’t look up until I’m halfway there and I look to Trevor by my side and then to my family that are sat in the pews. These people really are my family, we may not be related by blood but that doesn’t mean we’re not family. They’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I see Thomas sat on the other side and I acknowledge him with a smile. Things with him have been rocky over the last couple of years but I’ve been getting to know him. Daley did some investigating, using some of his many contacts and found out every little thing he could. It was that, that made me see that he didn’t mean to lead my dad to me, he just wanted to meet me. So now we’re trying to build a relationship. It’s slow going but we’ll get there.

My eyes clash with Corey’s and I can see how nervous he is as he fidgets on the spot and bends down, listening to something Ryan says. I look down to him and can’t help but break out into the widest grin. He looks so cute in a little suit, the same as his dads, complete with matching ties and his blond hair spiked on the top of his head.

“I can’t believe he’ll be three soon,” Trevor says as we come closer to the alter.

I nod, not being able to say anything against the lump in my throat.

Staring at my little family, watching as both of their eyes sparkle, I can’t help but think I’m the luckiest woman in the world.

“She’s all yours,” Trevor winks at Corey, kissing my cheek and going to sit next to Elena who is already wiping tears off her face.

“Mommy! Woo wook pwetty!”

“Thank you, you look handsome.” I chuckle and bend down, planting a wet kiss on his cheek.

“I is hanswome.” He grins, puffing his little chest out. “Uncle Dawey!” Ryan calls when Daley picks him up and winks at me.

“You look beautiful,” Corey whispers, taking my hand. “Ready?”

“Yeah,” I whisper. “Let’s fly free.”

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