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He gulps.

Using the cloth, he moves from my clit to my sex, making a couple of swipes, before concentrating, exactly where I need him too.

I’m not sure if this, between me and Josh, is anything but a one night stand, but if it is, I’m not ready to call a halt to the best sexual experience I’ve ever had. Plus, it will make my dreams hotter wh

en he isn’t here. I’m not an idiot. Guys like Josh Mitchell usually run a mile from girls like me. Girls who want permanent.

Hearing him curse, I look down at him on his knees between my legs. His breathing is erratic as he throws the cloth behind him. “I have to taste you.”

I’m so close. “Yes.”

Josh puts his mouth on me. He sucks my clit. He licks my sex. “You taste damn good,” he groans, taking my clit into his mouth while he slips two fingers into me. He moves them in and out, scissoring them inside my contracting channel. “Play with your breasts.” He breathes heavily. Christ, he’s just as aroused as I am.

Looking into his glittering eyes, I use one hand and reaching up, I massage my breasts before pinching my nipples. He places his mouth back to me and quickens the movement with his fingers in my sex. It’s so hot watching him going down on me while I touch myself. I’m not sure where shy Grace has gone.

I hope she stays away.

Josh’s breathing has changed and as I look down to his dick, he has it in his fist. He’s watching me, watching him and…oh god!

“Josh,” I scream and shudder, releasing on his fingers and mouth.

I hear him groan.

With my breath still labored, I open my eyes and look down at Josh, realizing, he released with me. God, that was so hot, watching him fist himself. If there’s a next time, I want to do that to him and maybe use my mouth. Something I haven’t done before.

Josh stands on wobbly legs to retrieve the washcloth. He rinses the cloth again and washes himself, then after rinsing it once more, walks over to me.

I smile and take the cloth from him. “I need to lie down, not start again. No matter how hot you make me.”

I stand up and wipe between my legs, throwing the cloth into the bath. Looking up at Josh, my heart fills with dread. He regrets what we’ve just done. It’s written all over his face. Although I knew he would walk away, I’d hoped he wouldn’t. He’s been in my dreams for the past three weeks and after tonight, he’s going to be in them for a hell of a lot longer.

“Grace, I have a flight to catch to Texas soon.” He runs his fingers through his hair. “I didn’t come over here tonight to make love to you. I came to take you out to dinner, to get to know you some.” Laughing, he takes my face between his hands. “I’m going to blame you for screaming while fighting with the water in your shower when I arrived. If you hadn’t been naked, I might have stood a chance against you.”

Resting his forehead against mine, he runs his fingers down my back. “I want more Grace, but I can’t right now. I have a case waiting for me in Texas. Hopefully it won’t take long, but I promise to come back here as soon as it’s over, because this, me and you, is only just starting.”

Kissing my forehead, he walks out of the bathroom, returning with my robe. He helps me into it before he starts to dress. I stand watching him cover up his sexy as sin body.

I start to feel sad. Will Josh be back? Or is he just saying that to make his leaving easier on him or me? God, I wish I were more experienced.

“Grace. I can see the wheels turning in that pretty little head of yours.” Taking my hands, he pulls me close. “I promise to return to you as soon as I can. I can’t give you a date, because bad guys don’t always fall in line, but I’ll be back. Make no mistake about that.”

“Okay Josh. I’ll walk you to the door.” Holding his hand, we walk to the front door. Taking my face into his hands, he kisses me and kisses me. Finally pulling away, to breathe, we just look at each other.

“I need to leave.”

Opening the door, he steps outside. “Take care, Grace. I’ll be thinking about you.”

I shut the door as he walks toward, what I presume, is his car.

Glancing at the clock, Josh was here for about an hour and in that hour, I’ve lost my heart.

The End

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