Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Gru, The Coaxer


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Ever since Su Yang saved Qu Xiaomeng and hoped for the mission in the system to change, he had to admit that the system really had changed a lot.

The biggest mission he got was to earn a million and the smallest would probably be babysitting. He now received all kinds of missions.

However, Su Yang started to miss those days of saving a damsel in distress. Back then, a lady who needed saving would appear every week and they would happily repay him by…covering his taxi fee.

Now? All Su Yang could do was sigh. He had been too naive back then.

Holding Tang Xiaomi’s hand, the two of them walked into his neighborhood and when they saw the guard, the guard greeted them, “Yo, is this your niece?”

Su Yang nodded and beamed. Tang Xiaomi also smiled when she saw the guard. She then looked up at Su Yang and said in a cute voice, “Daddy, this uncle is so handsome.”

Su Yang was petrified on the spot.

The guard was delighted by her praise. “Is the smart little girl your daughter!?”

Su Yang did not know how to reply. ‘This imp is definitely doing this on purpose!’

He did not bother to explain either. The guard would be able to figure it out after some thoughts. How could a 19-year-old university student have a daughter of 4 to 5 years old?

Coincidentally, after they saw the guard, the two of them ran into Old Sixth Liu and his gangster friends. Ever since Su Yang beat Old Sixth Liu up, he got a lot quieter and the residents in the area expressed that the safety of the neighborhood had improved.

Old Sixth Liu was frightened when he saw Su Yang, so he quickly looked away. He obviously had grievances in his heart, but he dared not touch Su Yang anymore.

His gangster friends were a lot more obedient. They lowered their heads and greeted, “Brother Yang.”

In reply, Su Yang grunted with his nasal voice.

Tang Xiaomi’s big, round eyes were sizing the four of them up throughout the encounter. Her curiosity was piqued.

After they reached Su Yang’s basement, her curiosity got the best of her. She hugged Su Yang’s leg and asked, “Su Yang, are you a boss of some gang?”

Su Yang knocked her head. “Call me ‘big brother’.”

“Su Yang! Su Yang! Su Yang! Su Yang!” Tang Xiaomi insisted on calling Su Yang by his name.

He really wanted to strangle the little imp. “Yes, I’m some boss of a street gang! Be afraid! Be very afraid!”

“Wow! Where’s your tattoo? Let me see! Let me see!” Tang Xiaomi’s eyes were shining as she quickly climbed up his body, but before she could ravage him, he picked her up and put her down.

“I don’t have one.”

Tang Xiaomi looked at Su Yang. “Then, can you get a Hello Kitty tattoo?”

Su Yang did not know how to reply. ‘I’ll tattoo you little *ss instead!’

Even if he was a gang leader, he would be a joke if he really got a Hello Kitty tattoo.

He pointed at Tang Xiaomi and said, “I’m not some gang boss or whatever. The government is trying to eradicate crimes, so there hasn’t been a gang or a crime syndicate for a long time.”

Tang Xiaomi obediently put her hands over her mouth and said in a muffled voice after she looked around sleazily, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell on you.”

‘Why don’t I tell your mom instead?’

Su Yang thought the Random Mission was a giveaway, but he did not expect the kid to be this vexing. Judging from how annoying Tang Xiaomi was, Su Yang believed that the little girl would take up his entire night.

‘I knew it. The system’s mission can never be easy.’

With that in mind, Su Yang started to search around for something to distract the little girl. Soon, he locked his gaze on the withered twig on his desk.

‘It’s either you or me, Gru, and I choose to sacrifice you!’

He unrooted Gru from the pot and gave it to Tang Xiaomi. “Here’s something fun.”

Tang Xiaomi looked at the black withered twig in Su Yang’s hand. Her petite little face was filled with rejection. “What’s this?”

Su Yang tapped on Gru and said, “Gru, stop playing dead.”

Since it could not escape its cruel fate, Gru extended one of its sprouts and curled around Tang Xiaomi’s hand. The sprout slightly shook as if it was trying to shake her hand.

Tang Xiaomi grabbed its sprout. Her eyes widened curiously as if she had just witnessed a miraculous scene.

Gru extended the other sprout to her face and grew several new leaves and a pink flower bud.

The flower bud slowly grew bigger and bloomed in front of Tang Xiaomi. She opened her mouth wide in surprise before she squealed in delight, “Wow!”

“Gru, Gru,” Gru even greeted her with its grunts.

Tang Xiaomi no longer rejected the withered twig. She held Gru in her hands dearly and went to play in a corner.

Su Yang was also surprised. He never expected Gru to be such a good coaxer. He never realized that Gru had such talent before. He finally sighed a breath of relief after settling the little imp.

As for exposing his secret, Su Yang was not worried at all. A 4-year-old child was good at fantasizing and dreaming, so who would believe her fairy tale?

Besides, without Su Yang’s order, Gru would appear no different than a dead twig in people’s eyes.

As for the other strange stuff like the tall book, he could just label them as plastic models or whatnot.

In the end, it was still the same old saying: adults rarely believed the fairy tales of a 4-year-old. It might actually be a pitiful thing for the kid.

After he distracted Tang Xiaomi, Su Yang returned to his desk and tried to figure out a way to earn money.

As a ‘smart’ person who could score well in tests without even studying hard, Su Yang had his own standards in dealing with matters. He planned to split the goal of a million yuan into several parts: 100,000, 200,000, 500,000, and the ultimate goal of a million.

Trying to earn a million with only 10,000 yuan was ridiculously difficult. Using 10,000 yuan to earn 100,000 yuan was…also just as difficult.

However, while it might be difficult, it was not entirely impossible.

Chances were bountiful in Shanghai. 100,000 yuan was not a ridiculously high amount and he might be able to get it with a single golden opportunity.

From there, using his 100,000 yuan as a starting fund, he could earn more money, be it through interest or whatever. It might be a way out!

With that in mind, his phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it was an unregistered number.

‘Could it be Tang Jing?’

Su Yang picked the phone up, and on the other end was an enthusiastic voice of a young man who greeted, “Good day, sir! We have an offer regarding a townhouse that is worth 8 million. Are you interested in knowing more?”

‘It’s not Tang Jing.’

Su Yang simply replied, “I’m interested but I don’t have that kind of money. I can’t afford it.”

The voice on the other end paused for a moment. Without changing his enthusiastic tone, he said, “That’s entirely okay. What about a job to line up for the showhouse? It’s 100 yuan per day. Are you interested in that?”

The offer caught Su Yang’s interest. He thought for a while and asked, “How many people do you need? If I have the numbers, do you pay a commission?”

The young man did not expect Su Yang to give such an answer, so he was caught off guard.

“Please hold on, sir. I’ll have to refer to my supervisor.”


Five minutes later, the young man came back online and said with his never-dying enthusiasm, “Sir, my supervisor said if you have 10 people, we can pay you 10%. If you can get 20 to 50 people, we will pay you 20%. If you have more than a hundred people, we have just the large-scale event for you on our hands. It’s about being fans for an online artist. We can pay you 150 yuan per head, but you will have to organize the group and the event mustn’t go wrong.”

Intrigued, Su Yang asked, “Which online artist am I rooting for?”

“Han Yi.”

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