Page 109 of Sancte Diaboli Part One (The Elite King's Club 6)

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“He won’t forgive you for this. You’ve gone too far.”

Silence. My eyelids are heavy now. Weighted down by my impending death. Bishop got the letter. I’m not sure I can keep them open. No bright light. Just darkness.

“I know.”

“You’re crazy,” the woman further says. “This is—this is wrong, Hector.”

“Enough!” Hector snaps. “You knew what you were getting yourself into. Fix her. I will not let anything happen to her. Bishop is now the Godfather. He will rule just fine.” Long pause. “As far as The Kings and everyone will know, Saint Vitiosis died tonight.”

The woman snaps at Hector. “And your presidency?”

Hector curses. “I have time to prepare for that. More than enough time.”

One more chuckle comes through, just as my eyes peel open. I have to force them. It’s like lifting a weight you know you can’t lift. Light pierces my eyes.

“You didn’t text me back, Little One…”

I blink, confused, as liquid slips over my forehead and slides into the corner of my eye socket.

“I’m a little hurt that you didn’t text me back, though surprised that you kept us a secret at all.” He turns the light from his phone and bares his face to me.


Everything goes black.

The End

For now…

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