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Only this time, Kallie saw someone she wanted to see.

Standing there, with his towering form and a bouquet of exotic flowers in his hand, was Ashly Worthington. The man who owned the entire East Coast. The man who had captured her attention. The man who helped her to believe in romance and passion again. The man that still sent shivers down her spine. All things she thought she’d lost with James had ignited beliefs in her mind again that she still wanted to hang onto. Her jaw unhinged and her grip on the doorknob strengthened, and Ash flashed that beautiful smile that still made her weak in her knees.

He pressed the beautiful flowers into her chest and she took them, wrapping her hands delicately around their base.

“Ash?” she asked breathlessly.

“Pretty Kallie,” he said with a grin.

Oh, how that nickname melted her heart.

“Wh-wh-what are you—?”

Her eyes dropped to his suit and her stomach fluttered with butterflies. She was used to seeing him in board shorts and colorful tops, but not something like what he had on. His crisp white shirt clung to his chiseled chest and his long legs were cut perfectly in his light-gray suit. His coat was buttoned once around his waist, accentuating the leanness of his body she’d experienced so many times. Her eyes trailed up to his entrancing hazel eyes that somehow changed to match his suit. His mahogany hair called to her fingertips, and she let out the breath she was holding before she fell to her knees.

“How are you...?”

“I’ve come to New York to ask for another chance,” Ash said.

Her eyes fell to the exotic flowers in her hands as his beautiful voice wrapped her up in its comfort.

“I’ve come to your doorstep to answer any questions you have and to show you that whatever life you want, whether big or small, you can have it with me. And it doesn't change the man you got to know on the island and it doesn't change what flourished between us. My money doesn’t change a thing, Kallie. Not the way you’ve experienced money. And I’d like the chance to prove that to you. If you’ll let me have it.”


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