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A wave of yearning lust swept over her. She loved it when he gave her oral. He shuffled up to kiss her on the lips, then he started to make his way downwards – lingering to suck a nipple and pausing to nibble her toned stomach. He lowered his face between her thighs and probed his tongue into her panties, pulsing molten desire through her body like a shockwave of joy.

“Uh, yes, Ivan…”

“Mmm…” he said, humming gently – which sent vibrations of pleasure into her pussy – enhancing the sensation of his tongue-tip caressing her throbbing clit. Samira ground herself into him, desperate to climax in his mouth.

“So tight for me,” he whispered.

He peeled down her panties and dropped them onto the floor, then crept his commanding fingers up her thigh and eased two fingers inside her – rippling sizzles of pleasure between her legs. She tilted her hips, rubbing herself against him – eager for more.

“I need you inside me, Ivan,” she gasped. “Fuck me hard.”

He gazed up her with a grin. “Your wish is my command, sweetheart.”

He knelt back on his heels, giving her a show of his toned pecs and six-pack abs. Then he unzipped his trousers and tugged his erection free – gripping it in his fingers and pumping the shaft with his hand. His cock was so powerful – a perfect specimen just waiting to thrust her into a frenzy of ecstasy.

“This what you want?” he asked, playing with himself.

She gripped the comforter and squirmed. “Yes…”

Ivan crawled back up to kiss her on the lips, covering her with his strong body. He kissed her possessively, pressing his hard cock against her thigh – reminding her of what was to come. Samira gazed up at him, feeling secure with his forearms planted firmly by her head, trapping her in place. It was like being covered with a blanket of pure masculine muscle.

He dropped

his mouth to her ear. “I’m gonna fuck you hard, sweetheart – just how you like it.”

He bit her neck and rubbed his cock between her thighs, so she ground her clit into his erection, already starting to feel the excitement take her.

“You ready for me?”


Ivan scooped his hips under, angling them upward, so the tip of his erection thrust into the opening of her pussy, sending tingles of mind-blowing pleasure into her soul.

He grunted animalistically as he continued to thrust, kissing her tenderly on the face – making this erotic encounter romantic as well as hot. “You’re so tight and warm.”

He reached his strong hands under her hips and tilted them upwards – continuing to thrust, and pushing himself all the way inside her.

“You’re mine,” he whispered. “And I’m gonna make your body sing with ecstasy.”

Samira allowed her head to drop back further into the soft pillow, as he pounded her into the bed. She ground her hips strongly into him, then she suddenly tensed and froze, skimming on the cusp of freedom and euphoria. She held her breath, knowing this was going to be a massive release. And then it came – the most overwhelming orgasm she’d ever encountered, pulsing through her body and possessing her mind, until she was filled with only bliss and Ivan Quinlan. The waves grew in intensity, rippling over her and carrying her along on the crest of a wave of delight. Her pussy contracted with each pulse of pleasure, pulling Ivan’s thrusting body further against hers – and pulling his glorious powerful cock further inside. Her legs gripped around his thighs and she drew him deeper still, rubbing her clit against him as his huge cock brushed delightfully against her G-spot, filling her with total joy.

Just as she thought it was over, he shifted slightly and thrust even harder, causing the ecstasy to rise again, rushing across her body like a tsunami of euphoria. She clenched her fists and grinned wildly, allowing the delicious moment to continue onward. The pleasure climaxed even higher and she thought it might rip her apart – but in the most magnificent way. She groaned like an untamed animal, relishing this wonderful explosion of love and lust with her perfect husband.

Ivan tensed as he shot his load deep inside her, pulling them even tighter together, and treating Samira to another wave of lustful bliss. She gasped and groaned, riding high on this divine plane of dreamlike proportions. Then she smiled as the powerful waves slowly subsided, leaving a secure feeling of happiness as she drifted back to reality.

Samira snuggled into his chest. She opened her mouth to tell him she loved him, but the phone rang, so Ivan reached over woozily to answer it.

“Ivan Quinlan?”

Samira watched as Ivan listened for a moment. “You’re kidding me, Jake… You want me to talk to them? They won’t be happy… Alright, I’ll call you back.” He hung up and sighed. “I knew that guy was going to be trouble.”

“What’s wrong?” Samira asked, still breathing hard from the orgasm.

Ivan rubbed his eyes. “He’s got himself mixed up with the health and safety woman.”

“I thought that was what Dylan and Adam wanted.”

“No, you don’t understand. He’s slept with her. This could totally fuck up the entire investigation…”

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