Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Experience outside of the City

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“I guess that after you’ve tasted the benefits the Stardust Magic Tool will bring you, you will helplessly want to go and collect the Spiritual Essences. When the quarter of your school time has ended, we will bring you to the outside of the city for two months of practical experience. When the time comes for you to meet a real Magical Beast, you will forget about the idea you have today,” Mrs. Tangyue said.

“Practical experience??” Mo Fan had never heard of this thing. Was this possibly the legendary High School Military Drill?

“Every Magician needs to experience this day. We don’t nurture Magicians so they can stay home and live like princesses, nor is it for you to compete against one another. It is for you to stand off against Magical Beasts during crucial times. The practical experience is a significant test of the student’s temperament,” Mrs. Tangyue explained.

“I will treat this seriously.”

“No.” Tangyue said, “The practical experience isn’t an exam. I only wish for you and other students to calm yourselves when you encounter a problem and ponder how you’re going to survive it,” Tangyue said with an earnestly profound manner.

After Mrs. Tangyue said this, she turned around to leave. When Mo Fan was about to ask for more details, he realized her curvy body had slowly merged with the area where the moonlight didn’t shine. A heartbeat later, there were no more traces of Tangyue.

Mo Fan was able to see everything very clearly this time.

She really merged with the darkness. Her entire being disappeared as though she was never here.

Mo Fan hastily jumped down from the dam and poked his head out of the railings of the roof.

What made Mo Fan’s shocked was the fact that Mrs. Tangyue had gone from the roof of the eight floor tall school building and was already on the ground, treading with slow and light footsteps toward the teacher’s dormitory. The gloomy moonlight stretched her shadow out, making her look like a proud night fairy.

As Mrs. Tangyue entered the shadow of a messy tree, she suddenly disappeared once again from his line of sight, and he was no longer able to find this mysterious female teacher in the dreary night.

Just what kind of skill was that?

Out of all of the Elements that Mo Fan knew of, only the Wind Element was able to use Wind Trail to move swiftly. That fact alone made Mo Fan think it was amazing, but Mrs. Tangyue used magic that he didn’t know anything about. It practically let her enter the shadows to move swiftly.

_That is just too cool, I wonder when I can learn this?_

Speaking of which, this Mrs. Tangyue didn’t seem normal.

According to the rumors, one would have to reach Intermediate-level Magician to awaken a second Element. In other words, Mrs. Tangyue was at least an Intermediate-level Magician.

No wonder why Mrs. Tangyue was able to surpass so many other qualified and older Practical Teachers. For most people, an Intermediate-level Magician had already reached the peak Heaven level!

_It seems like Mrs. Tangyue is actually a very thick thigh…I will have to hold onto it tightly!_


“Did you hear? After our quarter of cultivation time has ended, we will begin the Magician’s Practical Experience.”

“What is the Magician’s Practical Experience?”

“Basically, we’re going to the areas outside of the city.”

“No way, ever since I was a child, I’ve heard those areas have Magical Beasts that eat people, I’m not going.”

“You have to go. This Practical Experience is related to our admittance to University, it is the equivalent of a very important subject.”

“It’s just Practical Experience, what is there to be afraid of? We’re Magicians, even if we were to encounter a Magical Beast, we can just use Ice Spread to freeze it into an ice statue.”

“However, I heard Magical Beasts are really strong. Didn’t the Magical Beast teacher always stress about how we should never face a Magical Beast by ourselves?”

Just like what Mrs. Tangyue said, after the end of their quarter of cultivation time, they immediately welcomed a cruel Practical Experience. If it went as planned, then they would meet a genuine Magical Beast.

There had always been a Magical Beast class, and who knows how many years the teachers had been talking about them. However, for the students had never met a genuine Magical Beast, even if they were to secretly watch a video of them on the internet, there was no difference to them between that and watching a Godzilla movie.

This time, the students would finally get to meet a genuine Magical Beast. As soon as the news hit, it could be said that the entire school began to discuss this matter.

The Practical Experience began with the Elite class.

All of the students of the Elite class were basically able to control seven stars after the end of the annual examination. Currently, it had been more than half a year. Thus, every single one of them should be able to expertly control their elemental skill.

The school would let the students who could grasp their Magical Skills participate in the Practical Experience. If a common person were to encounter a Magical Beast, they wouldn’t even have a bit of ability to retaliate.


The time passed by quickly. Mo Fan relied on his Little Loach Pendant to cultivate his Lightning and Fire stars to more than five times their original levels.

He was able to cast both Lightning Strike and Fire Burst skillfully.

He was able to practice Fire Burst openly in school now, and thus the casting speed of his Fire Burst had gotten even faster; roughly three seconds was enough for him to cast it now. As for Lightning Strike, he would need about four seconds.

Currently, most of the students in the Elite class would require five to ten seconds to use a Magic Spell. Thus, Mo Fan was far above them in terms of spellcasting.

The entire Elite class had a total of 100 people, they would be divided into five groups with roughly twenty students in each.

There would be a teacher with them, as well as two other military instructors.

Every group had its own bus. Thus, the five school buses began to drive toward the outer areas of the city with groups of young magicians.

The place they were going to this time had more or less been decided; they would be going to the Snowy Peak Mountain station.

The Snowy Peak Mountain was an important goods stronghold for the hunters of Hunter’s Union and Bo City. The entire stronghold was constructed in the middle of a valley.

“Do you remember when I told you that the stations in Bo City’s surroundings are the boundaries of the safe area? The areas outside of the stations may have a Magical Beast appearing; thus, before you have the abilities to face off against a Magical Beast, make sure you never step out of the safe areas or else you’ll become a pile of skeletons!” the Magical Beast Teacher, Zhang Jianguo told them strongly.

“That’s right. Within the area of the station, we, The Hunter’s Union, and the Magic Association, as well as other large Ancient Families, assign someone to patrol daily and set up warnings. There will definitely not be any Magical Beasts entering the residential areas of humans. However, the capabilities of us Magicians are also limited. Thus, the only places we are able to protect are within the boundaries of the stations. We are powerless outside of the stations; after all, even if we have stronger Magicians, we are unable to eradicate the Magical Beasts hiding under all the complicated and difficult terrains,” the third hunter’s group’s captain, Luo Yunbo, stated.

Luo Yunbo was a tanned and very handsome man. After the girls in the groups saw Captain Luo Yunbo, their eyes began to sparkle; it was like the girls were worshipping and infatuated with the handsome military instructor.

Luo Yunbo was the military instructor who guided the team this time.

The assistant military instructor was a woman named Pan Lijun. She was a tanned, capable, and vigorous type. There was a huge difference between her and the female Magicians from the campus.

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*[Long Taos]: side characters in Chinese operas who perform acrobatics and fight scenes

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